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M2150-768試験番号:M2150-768 全真問題集
試験科目:「IBM Security Sales Mastery Test v4」

>> M2150-768 全真問題集

C2040-414試験番号:C2040-414 参考書
試験科目:「IBM Sametime 9.0 Fundamentals」

>> C2040-414 参考書



NO.1 In a potential IBM Security Access Manager (SAM) sale, the client is a large customer and has
large numbers of applications and servers involved in their SSO/Web authorization plans. Oracle
Access Manager (OAM) is the main competitor. What might you emphasize as you try to move the
customer in your direction?
A. SAM's secure reverse proxy is easier to manage than multiple OAM plugins.
B. SAM scales well and can do software distribution to any and all clients involved in the scope of the
SSO engagement.
C. SAM both scales well and performs well.
D. SAM is on a par with OAM from a scalability point of view, but it has a wider number of
applications that it supports out of the box.
Answer: A

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NO.2 What are the three main solutions within the AppScan portfolio?
A. 1) AppScan Express, 2) AppScan Enterprise, 3) AppScan Static
B. 1) AppScan Standard, 2) AppScan Build, 3) AppScan Dynamic
C. 1) AppScan Standard, 2) AppScan Enterprise, 3) AppScan Source
D. 1) AppScan PenTester, 2) AppScan Developer, 3) AppScan QA
Answer: C

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Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/appscan

NO.3 Your client uses IBM DataPower (DP) appliances in their DMZ for detecting and mitigating XML-
based threats. They're currently unhappy with their (non-IBM) web and mobile security solution(s).
What should you do?
A. Talk to them about Tivoli Security Policy Manager as a policy authoring tool and decision engine in
support of the DP policy enforcement points.
B. Talk to them about IBM SAM for DataPower. They can leverage their DataPower investment,
adding web and enhanced mobile security to their DP appliances.
C. Talk to them about IBM SAM for Mobile's ability to integrate with DataPower.
D. Propose a replacement of their current Web and Mobile controls in their DMZ with IBM SAM for
Web and Mobile appliances, with a SAM for Mobile policy server supporting the SAM and DP
appliances in the DMZ.
Answer: A

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NO.4 There are several key integrations of AppScan and other IBM Security solutions. Which answer
shows two of those integrations and their value?
A. Integration with Guardium to identify application vulnerabilities of high value databases;
Integration with Access Manager to protect applications from unauthorized access
B. Integration with IPS to remediate identified vulnerabilities and identify virtual patches; Integration
with Trusteer to identify applications that allow fraud
C. Integration with IPS to remediate identified vulnerabilities and identify virtual patches; Integration
with QRadar to identify application vulnerabilities that contribute to enterprise exposures
D. Integration with QRadar to identify application vulnerabilities that contribute to enterprise
exposures; Integration with Key Lifecycle Manager to provide application encryption key
Answer: C,D

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NO.5 A single appliance to collect events and flow data, perform data correlation and rule matching,
report alerts and provide admin capability is called:
A. Flow processor.
B. QFlow Collector.
C. A Combined Flow/Event Appliance.
D. An All-in-One.
Answer: D

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Reference: ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/ch/pdf/qradar/Vormittag_slides.pdf (slide 23)

NO.6 IBM SAM for Mobile provides strong protection. When talking to clients about it, what might
you want to work into the discussion?
A. SAM for Mobile can save money for clients with DataPower appliances.
B. SAM for Mobile appliances provide superior performance, TTV and TCO.
C. SAM for Mobile integrates other key IBM security controls (e. g., Trusteer. WorkLight and
MaaS360) to enforce more informed policy-driven access.
D. SAM for Mobile provides risk-/context-based access support that's critical for mobile endpoints
outside the client's intranet.
Answer: D

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NO.7 Which one of these is NOT a key buying initiative when it comes to Endpoint & Mobility
A. Ensure continuous security & compliance.
B. Create a service desk to help solve IT problems.
C. Securely manage the diversity of enterprise mobility challenges: BYOD, OS, Apps, Content &
D. Reduce costs, downtime & risk of managing data centers and remote servers.
Answer: B

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