NO.1 Which two security features are part of the Cisco Catalyst Integrated Security Toolkit on CiscoCatalyst switches? (Choose two.)A. IP source guardB. secure service provider connectivityC. network module securityD. secure DNSE. secure MPLSF. port securityAnswer: A,FCiscoサンプル 648-385資格試験 648-385テキストNO.2 Which three of the following are successful examples of strategic IT investments improvingoperational agility? (Choose three.)A. A company offers mobile email to its e[...]


弊社が提供した問題集がほかのインターネットに比べて問題のカーバ範囲がもっと広くて対応性が強い長所があります。JapanCertが持つべきなIT問題集を提供するサイトでございます。試験番号:200-401日本語版試験科目:「Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking」最近更新時間:2015-12-06問題と解答:64 200-401日本語版 試験番号:648-385勉強方法試験科目:「CXFF-Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers」最近更新時間:2015-12-06問題と解答:86 648-385勉強方法 JapanCertのCiscoの648-385勉強方法ト[...]

Cisco 200-401認定試験に適する最高の問題集を捧げる

NO.1 An Ethernet cable is attached to a PC NIC and then attached to a switch port. The PC power isturned on and the switch port link LED turns green. The link light indicates what two conditions?(Choose two.)A. Layer 2 communication has been established between the PC and switch.B. The PC has received a DHCP address.C. Traffic is being sent from the switch to the PC.D. If flashing, the green LED indicates port speed of 100 Mb/s.E. The Layer 1 media is functioning between the PC and swi[...]


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