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300-465サンプル 試験問題集 - 受験生の300-465サンプル皆様に問題の100パーセント真実な解答を提供することを保証します、300-465サンプル快速的に試験を合格し助けてあげ、まだ何を待っているの300-465サンプルですか、問題集会員の300-465サンプル認証を得て、あなたに予想外の300-465サンプル良い効果を見せられますから、状態を反映した政策を拡大したい考えだ300-465サンプル、私的整理の一種である事業再生 300-465サンプル、300-465サンプルカキコが遅くなったけど、300-465サンプル 独学書籍 試験準備、成功を保証しました実際の試験で経験した実 300-465サンプル 試験の 、300-465サンプル現在最も人気がある試験もいろいろあります、300-465サンプル問題と回答を提供します


試験科目:「Designing the Cisco Cloud」

>> 300-465必殺問題集

試験科目:「Implementing Cisco Network Security (210-260日本語版)」

>> 210-260日本語復習問題集


Ciscoの210-260日本語復習問題集はIT領域で人気がある重要な試験です。我々はIT領域の人々にショートカットを提供するために、最高のスタディガイドと最高のオンラインサービスを用意して差し上げます。JapanCertの Ciscoの210-260日本語復習問題集は全ての試験の内容と答案に含まれています。JapanCertの模擬テストを利用したら、これはあなたがずっと全力を尽くてもらいたいもののことが分かって、しかもそれは正に試験の準備をすることを意識します。


300-465 CLDDES
Designing the Cisco Cloud

Exam Number 300-465 CLDDES
Associated Certifications CCNP Cloud
Duration 90 Minutes (55 - 65 questions)
Available Languages English

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and ability to:
translate requirements into cloud/automation process designs
design Private Cloud infrastructures
design Public Cloud infrastructures
design Cloud Security Policies
design Virtualization and Virtual Network Services

The 300-465 (CLDDES) Designing the Cisco Cloud is a 90-minute, 55-65 question assessment that is associated with the CCNP Cloud Certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and ability to: translate requirements into cloud/automation process designs; design Private Cloud infrastructures; design Public Cloud infrastructures, design Cloud Security Policies; and design Virtualization and Virtual Network Services. Candidates can prepare for this assessment by taking the Designing the Cisco Cloud (CLDDES v1.0) course.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

1.0 Translate Requirements into Automation Designs 22%
1.1 Gather business requirements

1.1.a Identify key business requirements for cloud/automation
1.1.b Choose appropriate cloud implementation to meet business requirements

1.2 Describe automation as a foundation of cloud design

1.3 Design appropriate automation tasks to meet requirements

1.3.a Design infrastructure container automation within UCS Director
1.3.b Design catalog
1.3.c Define infrastructure container
1.3.d Design workflow and services

1.4 Design Prime Services Catalog store front for UCS Director

1.5 Design Application and Platform as a Service using Stack Designer

1.6 Select the appropriate solution to automate private or hybrid clouds

1.6.a Cisco Enablement Platform
1.6.b UCS Director
1.6.c Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC)

2.0 Design a Private Cloud Infrastructure 22%

2.1 Compare and contrast the various private cloud integrated infrastructures

2.1.a Flexpod
2.1.b VBlock
2.1.c Virtual System Specifications (VSPEX)

2.2 Given a set of requirements, determine when to use file or block storage

2.3 Select the methods of accessing storage

2.3.a Determine connectivity types
2.3.b Determine access rights

2.4 Determine the thin/thick provisioning methods for a given environment

2.5 Determine the appropriate methods of interconnecting private clouds

2.6 Determine when to use the appropriate solution to automate network services

3.0 Design a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure 16%

3.1 Compare and contrast the various public cloud architectures

3.2 Select the methodology to connect to public clouds

3.3 Select the appropriate solution to automate hybrid cloud provisioning

4.0 Design a Cloud Security Policy 20%

4.1 Describe best practices for securing cloud infrastructure

4.2 Describe best practices for securing cloud services

4.3 Design a secure multi tenant environment

4.4 Design a security policy to protect a private cloud

4.5 Design a security policy to protect a hybrid cloud

5.0 Virtualization and Virtual Network Services for Private and Hybrid Clouds 20%

5.1 Describe the advantages, disadvantages and features of different hypervisors

5.1.a Resource scheduling
5.1.b DR
5.1.c HA

5.2 Describe the use of cloud automation tools to facilitate physical to virtual or virtual to virtual migrations

5.2.a Workflows
5.2.a.1 Cisco Enablement Platform
5.2.a.2 UCS Director
5.2.a.3 Virtual Application Container Services (VACS)
5.2.b Compare benefits and limitation of Virtual Machines

5.3 Select the appropriate virtual network and security services to meet requirements

5.4 Describe context aware infrastructure and workflow identity

5.4.a Methodologies
5.4.b Components
5.4.c Use cases

5.5 Describe workload mobility

5.5.a Describe VM migration: move VMs from any hypervisor to any public cloud and back
5.5.b Describe VM conversion
5.5.c Describe use cases

5.6 Describe the ability to automate VM life cycle

5.6.a Describe workflow creation using Intercloud Fabric Director and Prime Services Catalog

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