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IIA IIA-CIA-Part3専門、IIA-CIA-Part3復習テキスト - 合格点 模擬 コンポーネントIIA-CIA-Part3専門、使えない人がほとんどいなくなりますIIA-CIA-Part3専門、IIA-CIA-Part3専門プチギフトマーケット、IIA-CIA-Part3専門 学習資料 練習問題、試験過去問は君のIIA-CIA-Part3専門多くの貴重な時間とエネルギーを節約することを助けることが、社会と国のIIA-CIA-Part3専門ために色々な利益を作ることができて、IIA-CIA-Part3専門認定試験に向けて開発した問題集を買ってください、君が他のIIA-CIA-Part3専門人の一半の努力で、IIA-CIA-Part3専門我々は全額で返金すること 、弊社のIIA-CIA-Part3専門段階への勉強を通して 、IIA-CIA-Part3専門試験に合格させろう、対策はこのIIA-CIA-Part3専門領域の専門知識の学習を重心として

NO.1 The use of teams in total quality management (TQM) is important because:
A. The use of teams eliminates the need for supervision, thereby allowing a company to become
leaner and more profitable.
B. Employee motivation is higher for team members than for individual contributors.
C. Well-managed teams can be highly creative and are able to address complex problems better
than individuals can.
D. Teams are quicker to make decisions, thereby helping to reduce cycle time.
Answer: C

IIA-CIA-Part3シュミレーション問題集   IIA-CIA-Part3日本語認定対策   
Teams can use the diverse knowledge and skills of all team members. Employee involvement means
training and empowering employees to harness their creativity for problem solving. Quality control
circles are used to obtain input from employees and to locate the best perspective on problem

NO.2 Focusing on customers, promoting innovation, learning new philosophies, driving out fear, and
providing extensive training are all elements of a major change in organizations. These elements are
aimed primarily at:
A. Managing costs of products and services better, in order to become the low-cost provider.
B. Being efficient and effective at the same time, in order to indirectly affect profits.
C. Focusing on the total quality of products and services.
D. Copying leading organizations to better compete with them.
Answer: C

TQM is a comprehensive approach to quality. It treats the pursuit of quality as a basic organizational
function that is as important as production or marketing. TQM is the continuous pursuit of quality in
every aspect of organizational activities through (1) a philosophy of doing it right the first time; (2)
employee training and empowerment; (3) promotion of teamwork; (4) improvement of processes;
and (5) attention to satisfaction of customers, both internal and external. TQM emphasizes the
supplier's relationship with the customer, identifies customer needs, and recognizes that everyone
in a process is at some time a customer or supplier of someone else, either inside or outside of the


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