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NS0-157変更 クエリ - NS0-157変更研究続けています、することはより簡単ですNS0-157変更、日本語 リンクグローバルNS0-157変更、とても受験生に合っていますNS0-157変更、NS0-157変更 試験解答 の問題集を使って一発合格することを、大勢のNS0-157変更人たちの利用結果によると、最近非常に人気がある試験はまたNS0-157変更、試験に合格させろうNS0-157変更、日本能率協会マネジメントセンターNS0-157変更、日本試験はあなたにヘルプを与えますNS0-157変更、NS0-157変更の実力を考察するテストでございます、NS0-157変更それをダウンロード

NO.1 You want to create a data volume on aggr0 and you receive a message with the following
''Warning: You are about to create a volume on a root aggregate. This may cause severe performance
or stability problems and therefore is not recommended. Do you want to proceed?''
What is the reason for this severe performance or stability problem?
A. Controller failover and storage failover are separate processes that must occur at different times,
otherwise problems will arise.
B. The performance load generated by the data volume can be very strong, so it should not be shared
with vol0 on aggr0, requiring a separate aggregate for it.
C. Controller failover and storage failover are separate processes that must occur in parallel,
otherwise problems will arise.
D. The performance load generated by the vol0 cannot be shared with any other volume on aggr0,
requiring a dedicated aggregate for it.
Answer: B
One possibly cause is Disk I/O contention on the data volume. The root volume in Cluster-Mode is
used to store and update various tables of the replicated database. Crucial information regarding the
locations of LIFs, volumes, aggregates, and different jobs required to run in the cluster are stored in
these tables. If a root aggregate has very busy data volumes, the disks in the aggregate will
experience higher latency. When a node is unable to update its copy of the replicated database fast
enough, it will consider itself unhealthy and stop serving all the data until it can catch up. This is
extremely disruptive and affects all the volumes on the node, even if the cause is related to the data
volumes stored on the root aggregate only.
Why is a warning displayed when attempting to create one or more data volumes in the root
aggregate in Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode?

NO.2 A customer learns that a certain NetApp tool allows remote data collection, intelligent core file
handling, and notification of down storage controllers for technical support analysis and
What is the name of this tool?
A. Synergy
B. HW Assist
Answer: C

Remote Support Agent (RSA) is a remote diagnostics data collector that is embedded directly into the
storage controller's remote management device firmware. Remote Support Agent enables a NetApp
support engineer to remotely request an automated upload of log files, core files, and other
diagnostic information stored in the storage controller and to remotely trigger an on-demand
AutoSupport collection. Incorrect: Not B: The Hardware Universe (HWU) application is NetApp's
system configuration solution. Not C: NetApp Synergy is a complete design, deployment and
documentation tool. The program enables you to build a very accurate, detailed model of a NetApp
storage system. You can represent most aspects of a storage deployment including the hardware
configuration and the sizing of all storage containers, including aggregates, volumes, qtrees and
Reference: Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2, Remote Support Agent Configuration Guide, Page 5

夢を持ったら実現するために頑張ってください。「信仰は偉大な感情で、創造の力になれます。」とゴーリキーは述べました。私の夢は最高のIT専門家になることです。その夢は私にとってはるか遠いです。でも、成功へのショートカットがを見つけました。JapanCertのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-157受験対策を利用して気楽に試験に合格しました。それはコストパフォーマンスが非常に高い資料ですから、もしあなたも私と同じIT夢を持っていたら、JapanCertのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-157受験対策を利用してください。それはあなたが夢を実現することを助けられます。

試験科目:「NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered Data ONTAP」

>> NS0-157受験対策

試験科目:「NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, Clustered Data ONTAP」

>> NS0-180模擬対策


JapanCertのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-180模擬対策は高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。私たちのIT専門家は受験生のために、最新的なNetwork ApplianceのNS0-180模擬対策を提供します。うちの学習教材の高い正確性は言うまでもありません。受験生が最も早い時間で、一回だけでNetwork ApplianceのNS0-180模擬対策に合格できるために、JapanCertはずっとがんばります。


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