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IT業界での先駆者として、我々JapanCertの目的はIT認定試験に参加する皆様に助けを提供することです。だから、我々の専門家たちは、時間に経つとともに、もっと優秀なC9020-461練習問題を開発して、お客様のあなたを支援します。我々のエリートたちは目標を達成するために、昼も夜も努力してアイ・ビー・エム C9020-461練習問題の数年以来のデータの分析と整理に就職しています。彼らの真面目な態度があって、我々JapanCertのC9020-461練習問題を利用するお客様のほとんどはC9020-461練習問題に合格できます。だからこそ、我々は弊社の商品に自信を持って我々JapanCertのC9020-461練習問題は最高だと思います。そのほかに、我々は自分の商品を信じているからこそ、我々は100%の通過率を保証して、失敗して全額で返金する承諾ができます。我々は一番全面的で権威的なC9020-461練習問題を提供したので、C9020-461参考資料に合格したいなら、我々の商品を入手してください。あなたの要求を満たすことができます。


NO.1 A client would like to store large video files on CIFS/NFS network shares and needs to make sure
that the data, once its stored, can't be changed or manipulated.
Which benefit would an IBM Spectrum Archive solution with LTO-6 drives deliver over a common SAS
disk solution?
A. Availability of WORM media
B. Quicker access to video archive
C. No extra software license cost
D. Global namespace with IBM Spectrum Scale
Answer: A
C9020-461勉強ガイド C9020-461試験情報
NO.2 A customer provides the information shown in the exhibit for the company's primary database
environment. The customer believes that using Tier 0 (i.e. Flash or SSD) storage for database log
volumes ("_log" volumes) will improve performance.
What is the minimum amount of Tier 0 storage needed to meet the customer requirement?
A. 124.0 GB
B. 620.4 GB
C. 238.0 GB
D. 204.0 GB
Answer: D
C9020-461模擬試験最新版 C9020-461無料更新
NO.3 Which technology allows a user to save a file directly to tape within the operating
systemwithout the need for any special backup application?
A. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data
B. IBM Spectrum Protect
C. IBM Spectrum Archive
D. IBM Tape System Library Manager
Answer: D
NO.4 A customer has a TS3310 Tape library installed in its data center, which consists of a base unit
with 2 x LTO-6 tape drives and a single expansion module with an additional 2 x LTO-6 drives
installed. The TS3310 tape library has 81 storage slots licensed.
The growth in business requires that the tape library has an additional explanation module installed,
and the new solution to be fully configured with LTO-6 drives and all tape storage slots licensed.
Additionally, there is a requirement to encrypt the data backed up to tape.
Which recommendation for the number of LTO-6 drives, storage slot licensing, and any additional
items is required to provide the desired solution?
A. 6 x LTO-6 Tape Drives, 2 x Storage Slot Expansion License, 2 x Encryption License
B. 4 x LTO-6 Tape Drives, 3 x Storage Slot Expansion License, 3 x Encryption License
C. 4 x LTO-6 Tape Drives, 4 x Storage Slot Expansion License, 8 x Encryption License
D. 6 x LTO-6 Tape Drives, 2 x Storage Slot Expansion License, 1 x Encryption License
Answer: D


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