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我々の提供するC-THR86-1502ソフトウエアは全面的で的中率は高いですから、あなたは短い時間で問題を暗記すれば気楽に試験に合格することができます。C-THR86-1502ソフトウエアに参加するあなたに役を立つために、我々は数年以来の努力を通して、最高の資料を提供して、優しいサービスを提供して、あなたに頼もしい商品を作成しています。あなたに安心させるために、ご購入の前に、あなたは無料で各バーションのC-THR86-1502ソフトウエアのサンプルをダウンロードすることができます。あなたはやってみて、自分の愛用する版を選ぶことができます。このC-THR86-1502ソフトウエアは3つのバーションがあります。ソフト版、PDF版、オンライン版です。これらは別々のメリットがあります。ソフト版は試験のように操作して、いくつかのパソコンでも使用できます。PDF版は紙でプリントでき、読みやすいです。オンライン版はどのSAP Certified Application Associate - SuccessFactors Employee Central Q2/2015電子製品でも利用できます。あなたは自分の需要に応じて一番合意的なバーションを購入することができます。


NO.1 Your customer gives planners total discretion within their budget for merit planning and does
NOT use guidelines.
Your customer also prorates final payouts according to how many months the employee has been
with the company.
How can you accomplish this?
Please choose the correct answer.
A. Use the Admin Tools to configure raise proration for date-based proration.
B. Use the Admin Tools to configure salary proration for imported proration.
C. Set the includeSalaryProrating option to "true"in the template XML and use imported proration.
D. Set the includeRaiseProrating option to "true" in the template XML and use imported proration.
Answer: C
C-THR86-1502英語版 C-THR86-1502練習
NO.2 Your customer is an international company with a wide variety of salary ranges.
The customer wants to use compa ratio to determine merit guidelines.
How could you configure the pay matrix table for this client?
Please choose the correct answer.
A. Annualize all salary ranges.
B. Use functional currency for the salary ranges.
C. Add the pay grade as a valuein the pay matrix table.
D. Use four custom attributes.
Answer: B
NO.3 According to SuccessFactors' best practice, what must you includewhen you set up a
compensation route map?
Please choose the correct answer.
Choose one:
A. A signature step as the final step before completion
B. At least fivesteps of manager review and approval
C. A staging step as the last modify step
D. The Get Feedback button in the HR approval step
Answer: C
NO.4 You customer uses a multi-currency compensation plan template.
Where can they update the exchange ratefor US Dollars (USD) to Euros (EUR) using the Admin Tools?
Please choose the correct answer.
Choose one:
A. Compensation Home -> Manageworksheets
B. Compensation Home -> Plan Setup -> Plan Details
C. Compensation Home -> Actions for all Plans
D. Compensation Home -> Plan Setup -> Setting -> Currency settings
Answer: C

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