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NO.1 The customer mindset across verticals is changing as they become more aware of technology
solutions and their influence on the organization. Which three options are characteristics of this
customer mindset? (Choose three.)
A. Have a greater understanding of the competitive market and service and solution providers
B. Less loyal to a specific vendor due to technology as a commodity and availability of service
C. Expect measurable value in terms of business outcomes
D. Perspective towards technology services and solutions is same across industry verticals
E. Expect providers to sell products and contracts
Answer: A,B,C
NO.2 Which three questions are specified by the Seven Elements Framework? (Choose three.)
A. Consequences of not reaching agreement or support?
B. Working environment characteristics?
C. Existing relationship?
D. Compliance with ISO 20K?
E. Understanding of own and others interests?
Answer: A,C,E
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NO.3 Which two options are major tensions that business performance measurement could help
balance? (Choose two.)
A. Different performance expectations.
B. Profit, growth and control.
C. Critical / non-critical.
D. Monitor and control.
E. Responsive / non-responsive.
Answer: A,B
NO.4 Which two questions are used during high level outcome selling? (Choose two.)
A. How does talent architecture influence the definition of business outcomes?
B. How is progress vs. outcomes measured?
C. What capabilities are needed to achieve the outcomes?
D. How are the goals of top executives achieved?
E. What are the technical restrictions of business?
Answer: B,C


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