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JapanCertが提供した研修ツールはCiscoの642-035学習教材の認定試験に向けて学習資料やシミュレーション訓練宿題で、重要なのは試験に近い練習問題と解答を提供いたします。JapanCert を選ばれば短時間にITの知識を身につけることができて、高い点数をとられます。


NO.1 You must check the path that vNICs uses to communicate. How can you verify whether a vNIC
on a Cisco UCS server is in an active state or a failover state?
A. Connect to the adapter and execute the Master Control Program.
B. Run the show interface brief command.
C. Compare the state on both fabric interconnects.
D. Run the show interface status command.
Answer: C
642-035試験問題 642-035無料試験対策
NO.2 A customer is configuring VSANs in a Cisco UCS domain. After configuring the VSANs 3840,
3841, and 3842 in FC end-host mode, the customer sees that these VSANs are not operational and
that Cisco UCS Manager is raising faults. What is the cause of this problem?
A. VSANs 3840, 3841, and 3842 should be in the allowed list on the trunk to clear the fault.
B. VSANs 3840 to 4079 cannot be used in Fibre Channel end-host mode in a Cisco UCS domain.
C. Use the UCS CLI to clear the fault on the VSAN trunk to forward the VSANs with faults.
D. The fabric interconnect needs to be configured in switching mode and the VSANs need to be
allowed on the trunk.
Answer: B
NO.3 Refer to Exhibit 5.
Which of the following is true regarding password recovery for the Cisco IMC GUI interface?
A. From the KVM Console, press F12 during POST to reset the credentials to admin/password
B. Refer to the model-specific Cisco UCS C-Series Hardware guide to learn the location of the recovery
jumper on the server motherboard
C. Enter the Cisco IMC BIOS to reset the GUI password
D. Type RECOVER into the Username field, and then type SYSTEM in the Password field to enter
recovery mode
Answer: C
NO.4 On a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch, which two options are valid traffic sources that can be
monitored, when configuring a SPAN session for a port channel?
A. ingress and the SAN port channel only
B. ingress and egress only
C. ingress, egress, and the SAN port channel
D. egress and the SAN port channel only
Answer: A

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