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IT業界での先駆者として、我々JapanCertの目的はIT認定試験に参加する皆様に助けを提供することです。だから、我々の専門家たちは、時間に経つとともに、もっと優秀な98-367資格問題集を開発して、お客様のあなたを支援します。我々のエリートたちは目標を達成するために、昼も夜も努力してMicrosoft 98-367資格問題集の数年以来のデータの分析と整理に就職しています。彼らの真面目な態度があって、我々JapanCertの98-367資格問題集を利用するお客様のほとんどは98-367資格問題集に合格できます。だからこそ、我々は弊社の商品に自信を持って我々JapanCertの98-367資格問題集は最高だと思います。そのほかに、我々は自分の商品を信じているからこそ、我々は100%の通過率を保証して、失敗して全額で返金する承諾ができます。我々は一番全面的で権威的な98-367資格問題集を提供したので、70-347勉強法に合格したいなら、我々の商品を入手してください。あなたの要求を満たすことができます。

お客様に最高の98-367テスト問題集を入手させるために、JapanCertは常に問題集の質を改善し、ずっと最新の試験のシラバスに応じて問題集を更新しています。時間が経つとともに、JapanCertはより多くの受験生から大好評を博します。弊社は最良質の98-367テスト問題集を提供して、弊社の98-367テスト問題集を買ったお客様は試験に合格できることを保証いたします。短い時間でマイクロソフトの98-367テスト問題集の認証Enabling Office 365 Services試験を準備しようとすると、JapanCertの問題集を利用することができます。JapanCertの資料は99%の成功率を持っていますから、JapanCertを利用したら、最もよい結果を得ることができます。弊社の98-367テスト問題集さえ使用すれば試験の成功までもっと近くなります。

A company has an Office 365 tenant. You plan to implement Skype for Business Online for all users.
You are evaluating client and conferencing policies.
You need to identify the default limits for file transfers and users to configure the appropriate policies
for users.
What are the default limits? To answer, drag the appropriate limits to the correct feature. Each
feature may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between
panes or scroll to view content.
You are the Exchange Online administrator for a company that has offices in Seattle, New York,
London, and Paris.
The StateOrProvince attribute in Active Directory is populated with each user's location.
Employees must be able to send email messages to all users in Europe.
You need to create the distribution group.
How should you complete the Windows PowerShell command?
To answer, select the appropriate segment from each list in the answer area.
Answer Area
NO.3 An organization has an Office 365 tenant and uses an Enterprise E3 subscription. You enable
licenses for 1,000 users.
You must implement a file sync service for users that meets the following requirements: - Users must
be able to sync offline versions of all files to local computers. - The organization must be able to
manage permissions for all files.
You need to recommend a solution.
Which solution should you recommend?
A. SharePoint document libraries
B. Microsoft Storage Spaces
C. Distributed File System Replication
D. Windows offline files
Answer: A
You can work offline and sync within a SharePoint document library.
The document library permissions can be managed by the organization.
Reference: How to work with Documents Offline in SharePoint 2013
NO.4 You are the Microsoft Lync administrator for a company that uses Lync Online.
The company has mandated that employees may use Lync Online to communicate with contacts
from approved external domains.
You need to configure Lync Online to allow Lync federation with only three specific domains.
You must achieve this goal by using the least amount of administrative effort.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. In the Lync admin center, set the External Access option to Off completely.
B. In the Lync admin center, add the three domains to the Blocked Or Allowed Domains list.
C. In the Lync admin center, set the External Access option to On only for allowed domains.
D. In the Lync admin center, set the External Access option to On except for blocked domains.
E. In the Office 365 admin center, add the three domains to the domain list and set the domain intent
for each domain to Lync Online.
F. In the Lync admin center, configure the Presence Privacy Mode option to display presence
information only to the users' contacts.
Answer: B,C

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