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現在のE20-507オフィシャルは数年以来の積み重ねによって整理と分析したデータから開発されています。我々のE20-507オフィシャルはIT認定試験に関連する豊富な経験を持っているIT専門家によって研究された最新バージョンの試験参考書です。このVMAX3 Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators問題集は全面的で的中率が超高いです。我々のE20-507オフィシャルはE20-507オフィシャルのリーダーです。


NO.1 Which forms of storage can be provisioned with the ViPR Controller?
A. Object and Hadoop
B. Block and Hadoop
C. File and Object
D. Block and File
Answer: D
E22-283ソートキー E22-283好評
NO.2 Which type of virtual array configuration is supported by ViPR?
A. One containing more than 100 physical arrays
B. One containing block and file physical arrays
C. One with no paths between the hosts and storage
D. One containing only hosts
Answer: B
NO.3 Is there a benefit to having the ViPR Analytics Pack installed concurrently with VMAX or VNX
adapters in a vRealize Operations environment?
A. No. The information provided will be the same since ViPR can interact with the
underlying technology.
B. Yes. The vRO health scores will improve by using performance data from VNX or VMAX adapters.
C. Yes. If vRO cannot communicate with ViPR, it will use the VMAX or VNX adapters.
D. No. If ViPR Analytics Pack is installed, neither VMAX nor VNX plug-ins are supported.
Answer: B
NO.4 Where can official EMC ViPR Cinder Driver documentation be located?
A. EMC Community
B. Github
C. Powerlink
D. EMC Support Website
Answer: B


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