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先行販売サービスは言うまでもなく、アフターサービスはお客様の販売者への評価の基準だと思います。お客様の利益を保証するために、完全的なアフターサービスは必要となります。我々JapanCertは最高のアフターサービスを提供いたします。CAT-241日本語講座を買ったあなたは一年間の無料更新サービスを得られて、CAT-241日本語講座の最新のCA Clarity PPM v13.x Business Analyst問題集を了解して、試験の合格に自信を持つことができます。あなたはCAT-241日本語講座に失敗したら、弊社は原因に関わらずあなたの経済の損失を減少するためにもらった費用を全額で返しています。


NO.1 You have developed a new process and transported it to a production environment using
XML Open Gateway (XOG). To make the process operational, which step do you need to perform?
A. Validate the process only.
B. Change Mode to Active.
C. Validate and activate the process.
D. Run the Execute a Process job.
Answer: C
NO.2 What can be used as a column in a rate matrix?
A. Resource Category
B. Resource
C. Custom project attribute
D. Item
Answer: B
NO.3 When you build a portfolio scenario, what does the Efficient Frontier represent?
A. The scenario investments categorized by the life-cycle stage
B. The risk of a portfolio investment at a specific planned net present value (NPV)
C. The relative alignment of investments to organizational goals
D. The set of optimal scenarios for a given set of investments such that no other scenarios exist with
less cost and more benefit
Answer: D
NO.4 Which event must occur before the Subscriber Dashboard is available to a Department?
A. The Department provides subscriptions to other departments.
B. The Department has sub departments.
C. The Department is part of a portfolio.
D. The Department has subscribed to a service.
Answer: D


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