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数年以来の努力で、VeritasのVCS-319再テストは我々に自信を持って、あなたにVeritas のVCS-319再テストに合格させます。我々のVCS-319再テストは権威的で、100%の通過率を保証して、我々の存在はあなたに最高のVCS-319再テストを提供して、VCS-319再テストであなたがいい成績を取るためです。


NO.1 Users who are disabled for Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x (EV) complain that they see the
Enterprise Vault Office Mail App in OWA 2013. What is the possible reason for it?
A. EV Office Mail App is installed using PowerShell commands on the EV server
B. EV Office Mail App is deployed for the Organization level in Exchange
C. EV Office Mail App is installed using EVPM and OfficeMailAppManifest.xml
D. EV Office Mail App is installed using EV OWA Extensions
Answer: B
VCS-319変更 VCS-319復習問題集
NO.2 For which two platforms is Enterprise Vault Office Mail App available? (Select two.)
A. Outlook 2010
B. MS Exchange 2013 Hub Transport Server
C. Outlook 2013
D. MS SharePoint 2013
E. OWA 2013
Answer: C,E
NO.3 Where is an item temporarily stored when Outlook Web Access users open the archived item?
A. in the user's mailbox, in the Restored Items folder
B. in the TEMP directory on the Enterprise Vault Server
C. in the user's mailbox, in the Deleted Items folder
D. in a temporary folder on the user's computer
Answer: C
NO.4 In Outlook, a user sends a manual archiving request on an item and notices that the pending
email item is reverted back to its original message class.
What is the likely cause?
A. the Vault Store is in Backup mode
B. the message class IPM.Note* is unselected
C. the Index Service is stopped
D. the Exchange Mailbox Archiving task has failed
Answer: A


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