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NO.1 A customer has recently deployed a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 system and is trying to mount

LUNs to a Windows 2012 Server using the iSCSI protocol. They have enabled jumbo frames on their
nodes as well as their Windows 2012 Server. Whenever they attempt to scan for a new LUNs, Disk
Management times out and does not present any new storage.
What is causing the problem?
A. Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 does not support the iSCSI protocol.
B. They have jumbo frames enabled on the host and storage, but not the Ethernet switches.
C. Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 does not support jumbo frames with the iSCSI protocol.
D. Windows 2012 does not support jumbo frames with the iSCSI protocol.
Answer: B
NS0-506模試エンジン NS0-506参考書
NO.2 You created a 5 TB VMware volume "vol_esx_nfs1" in "svm1" for an NFS datastore. The storage
efficiency savings of the vmdks are one over 50%, but the application team wants to minimize the
possibility of an out-of-space condition. You enable autogrow, autoshrink, and snapshot autodelete
with the following commands:
volume modify -vserver vm1 -volume vol_esx_nfs1 -space-mgt-try-first volume_grow
snapshotautodelete modify -vserver vm1 -volume vol_esx_nfs1 -enabled true -delete
orderoldest_first -target-free-space 10% -trigger volume
volautosize -vserver vm1 -volume vol_esx_nfs1 -mode grow_shrink -maximum-size 10 TB -
minimum-size 5 TB -grow-threshold-percent 80 -shrink-threshold-percent 60
What will these commands do?
A. Shrink the volume before deleting the Snapshot copies.
B. Grow the volume before deleting the Snapshot copies.
C. Delete the oldest Snapshot copies before growing the volume.
D. Increase the Snapshot copy reserve before growing the volume.
Answer: D
NO.3 You have a large, heterogeneous SAN environment. You are asked to gather information for all
hosts, HBAs, switches, and storage. You are also told that you must collect this information over
network protocols without agents.
Which two NetApp tools allow you to perform this task? (Choose two.)
A. OnCommand Unified Manager
B. nSANity
C. OnCommand Report
D. OnCommand Insight
Answer: B,C
NO.4 You are zoning a fabric for a clustered Data ONTAP storage system. After cabling, you see the
following addresses logged into the fabric:
What should be included in the zone configuration?
A. 50:0a:09:83:8d:b1:ce:c3 and the initiator WWPN
B. 20:04:00:a0:98:16:db:9c and the initiator WWNN
C. 50:0a:09:83:8d:b1:ce:c3 and the initiator WWNN
D. 20:04:00:a0:98:16:db:9c and the initiator WWPN

Answer: A


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