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NO.1 You want to create a calculated key figure at InfoProvider level.
Which key figures can you use?
A. All types of key figures defined at query level
B. Only calculated key figures defined at query level
C. All types of key figures defined at InfoProvider level
D. Only calculated key figures defined at InfoProvider level
Answer: C

SAP信頼度 C_TBI30_74攻略 C_TBI30_74クラムメディア

NO.2 In the Central Management Console (CMC), what does the SAP authentication area allow you to
do?(Choose two)
A. Import SAP roles.
B. Specify SAP systems.
C. Enable SAP BW publisher services.
D. Define custom access rights for SAP users.
Answer: A,B

SAPパッケージ C_TBI30_74無料試験 C_TBI30_74資格受験料

NO.3 You create a workbook with exceptions in BEx Analyzer. Your customer does not like the
standard colors for Bad 1 and Good 2 exceptions.
What do you use to change the color settings in BEx Analyzer?
A. The theme
B. The portal theme
C. The XML file
D. The CSS file
Answer: A

SAP組織 C_TBI30_74専門知識 C_TBI30_74一発合格

NO.4 Which of the following is a tool for ad hoc analysis and reporting to be used by business
users/end users?
A. Dashboard Design
B. Crystal Reports
C. Web Intelligence
D. Web Application Designer
Answer: C

SAP取得 C_TBI30_74トレーニング資料 C_TBI30_74取得

NO.5 In BEx Web applications, what is the function of a data provider?
A. To store data for offline scenarios
B. To combine data from different BEx Queries
C. To provide data to Web items
D. To connect to InfoProviders, information spaces, or BEx Query views
Answer: C

SAP攻略 C_TBI30_74資格難易度 C_TBI30_74無料過去問

NO.6 You use Crystal Reports for Enterprise.
How can you align columns in your report?
A. Use smart guidelines.
B. Use conditional formatting.
C. Use calculations.
D. Use format painter.
Answer: A

SAP最新試験 C_TBI30_74対象者 C_TBI30_74必要性

NO.7 You create a dashboard and choose Save to Platform asDashboard Design Object.
What does the saved dashboard contain?
A. An object that contains both the design document and the Flash file
B. The design document only
C. An object that contains both the design document and the Excel file
D. The Flash file only
Answer: A

SAP科目対策 C_TBI30_74対応 C_TBI30_74参考資料 C_TBI30_74問題集

NO.8 You have created a Web Intelligence document that displays data from the query in a single
table. Now you edit the query and add two additional objects.
Where will the new objects appear when you re-run the query?
A. In the existing table
B. In the Document Summary panel
C. In a new table
D. In the Available Objects panel
Answer: D

SAP受験対策解説集 C_TBI30_74資格取得 C_TBI30_74勉強方法




試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2014)」

>> C_HANAIMP142学習資料

試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.4 and SAP BI 4.1」

>> C_TBI30_74サンプル問題集

C_TBI30_74 SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.4 & SAP BI 4.1

Solution: SAP NetWeaver
Delivery Methods: Certification
Duration: 180
Level: Associate
Sub-solution: Desktop Intelligence
Exam: - 80 questions, PDF Link, Cut Score 60
Languages: German, English, Russian

Management of BEx Queries > 12%
SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio > 12%
Business Explorer Query Designer (BEx Query Designer) > 12%
Analysis > 12%
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 8% - 12%
SAP Crystal Reports < 8%
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards < 8%
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer < 8%
Semantic Layer in SAP BI < 8%
BI Foundation < 8%



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