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NO.1 Which is a requirement for configuring a primary and standby Data Mover for failover
A. Highest server_# used for standby
B. Identical I/O modules
C. Four-port network adapter
D. One standby Data Mover (DM) per primary DM
Answer: B

EMC前提条件 E20-690基礎問題集認定資格 E20-690基礎問題集出題範囲 E20-690基礎問題集試験問題解説集

NO.2 When using USM's Capture Diagnostic Data feature, where are the files automatically stored
upon completion of this task?
A. They are in the C:\EMC\repository folder located on the system running USM.
B. They are automatically uploaded to EMC support if the system is registered.
C. The user is prompted to either view them or upload them to EMC if ConnectHome is configured.
D. They are automatically stored in the repository located on the VNX vault drives.
Answer: A

EMC番号 E20-690基礎問題集種類 E20-690基礎問題集出題範囲

NO.3 What is the default VNX Unified storage system name?
A. Array serial number
B. ImageA and ImageB
C. Control Station name
D. Array model number
Answer: A

EMC解答例 E20-690基礎問題集模試 E20-690基礎問題集コンポーネント E20-690基礎問題集参考書

NO.4 What is a function of the ESRS Management Utility?
A. Adds VNX Block system to the centralized monitoring agent
B. Applies the latest call home template to the Control Station
C. Automatically adds all arrays in the domain
D. Adds and approves Storage Processors A and B in Powerlink
Answer: A


NO.5 You are onsite for a DAE and drive upgrade for a VNX 5800 array. After inspecting the
collections from the array you notice that the VNX has the following active configuration: 1 x 2.5" DPE
21 x 2.5" DAE's 10 x 3.5" DAE's 681 bound data and hotspare drives 0 faulted drives 2 unbound drives
How many additional 2.5" DAEs and drives can the array support?
A. 2 x 2.5" DAEs, 67 drives
B. 2 x 2.5" DAEs, 76 drives
C. 4 x 2.5" DAEs, 67 drives
D. 4 x 2.5" DAEs, 76 drives
Answer: A

EMCウェブトレーニング E20-690基礎問題集試験準備 E20-690基礎問題集段階 E20-690基礎問題集トレーニング資料

NO.6 Refer to the exhibit.
Which command was used to generate this output?
A. /nas/sbin/connectemc
B. nas_emailuser
C. /nas/sbin/nas_connecthome
D. /nas/sbin/modemtst
Answer: C

EMC勉強法 E20-690基礎問題集クラムメディア E20-690基礎問題集認定資格試験 E20-690基礎問題集種類

NO.7 Which describes the VNX Control Volumes?
A. Private system LUNs where the EMC NAS code is installed
B. Control LUNs that the Unisphere Host Agent uses to manage the array
C. Volumes that AVM manages and that store NAS file systems
D. Partitions containing the VNX OE for Block operating system
Answer: A

EMC通信 E20-690基礎問題集オンライン試験 E20-690基礎問題集取得

NO.8 How would you discover the appropriate network setting from the computer where the VNX
Installation Assistant for File is running?
A. Choose the "Select to use network settings from this client" option.
B. Verify the MAC address from the Control Station sticker, and then reboot the Control Station.
C. Select any other available MAC address to determine the network configuration.
D. Search DNS for the Control Station's computer name and use the associated network settings.
Answer: A

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E20-690基礎問題集試験番号:E20-690基礎問題集 基礎問題集
試験科目:「VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers」

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