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NO.1 In Report Builder, which format options are available when using the Export Report function?
B. Word and PowerPoint
C. Excel, PDF, and Email
D. SharePoint, Facebook, and Twitter
Answer: C

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NO.2 An event modeler is tasked with creating an event that records the Referrer of each session to
identify where visitors to the site are coming from. When should this event be evaluated?
A. Every Step
B. End of Session
C. After Every Step
D. First Hit of Session
Answer: D

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NO.3 When does session Indexing take place?
A. At Capture
B. Before loading in Replay
C. Before loading the Short Term Canister
D. Before loading in the Long Term Canister
Answer: D

IBM C2080-474模擬モード C2080-474訓練

NO.4 Which statement about ReqSet rules is true?
A. A ReqSet rule can be used to insert arbitrary text into a field in the request.
B. ReqSet rule cannot be used to copy an item from the response to the request.
C. Unlike a Block rule, a ReqSet rule does not support the use of regular expressions.
D. Although items from any section of the request can be copied, only a ReqSet rule can be used to
copy to the [appdata] section.
Answer: A

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NO.5 An intermittent error has been identified on the site login page. An event has been created
based on a hit attribute that identifies the error message text. Management has requested a report
showing the number of times the error has occurred each day, so that they can assess the
effectiveness of attempts to fix the problem. Which tracking option should the event be configured
to use?
A. Running Total
B. Last Per Session
C. First Per Session
D. Every Occurrence
Answer: D


NO.6 Where are active sessions stored?
A. Archive
B. Session Index
C. Long Term Canister
D. Short Term Canister
Answer: D

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NO.7 A travel company has created a business process scorecard for its Rewards points redemption
process, which has five steps.
The scorecard works properly, but the program director wants the scorecard to only show results
from the United States, as the program had not yet been launched in other countries. The analyst
edited the scorecard to use the "Geography" report group and the "Registration: Country-USA"
dimension, as follows: However, upon saving the edited process scorecard, three of the steps are
now missing. What must the analyst modify?
A. Change the Permissions for the scorecard.
B. Adjust the Grades to accommodate the report group.
C. Create a new scorecard; do not edit an operational scorecard.
D. Add the Geography report group to the events missing from the scorecard.
Answer: D

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NO.8 A concert promotion site wants to understand if a particular genre of music is selling an atypical
number of tickets. The event builder has created an event that counts the number of sales, and has
applied a dimension that breaks out the sales by genre. The event was then designated as a Top
Mover. However, in the Top Movers tab of the Event Manager, the music genre values are
unavailable to be made as Top Movers. In order to be able to create these Dimensional Top Movers,
the values must be:
A. Events
B. Logged
C. Whitelisted
D. Whitelisted or observed values
Answer: C

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試験科目:「IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management V8.7, Business Analysis」

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