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NO.1 You are testing a deployed BPM application. You start a process instance, but the processing
does not proceed as you anticipated.
Where would you get the most actionable troubleshooting information about your BPM process?
A. SOA server log file
B. Business Process Workspace Process Tracking page
C. WebLogic Console
D. WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF)
E. Enterprise Manager
Answer: D

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NO.2 Which statement is true about a case activity that is defined as "Automatic" and "Conditional"?
A. The activity is run automatically as soon as the case starts.
B. The activity is run by the system only after it is initiated by the user.
C. The activity is automatically run by the system as soon asit is activated by a case rule.
D. Only a BPMN case activity can be defined as "Automatic" and "Conditional".
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which component enables a shared work environment for a BPM Suite 12c project where
process analysts use Process Composer and process developers use BPM Studio?
A. Oracle Enterprise Repository
B. Meta Data Services
C. Process Asset Manager
D. Apache Derby DB
Answer: C

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You can use the Process Asset Manager to share BPM projects between the different persons
working on the project

NO.4 Which two statements are true about using Process Player to test a process? (Choose two.)
A. All activities must be implemented for a process before you can run it with Process Player.
B. When you are running a process by using Process Player and it reaches a user task that has an
associated form, you must display the form to select the task outcome.
C. As a process runs in Process Player, the BPMN diagram is animated to show the flow through the
D. Before running Process Player, you must map all roles in your process to at least one user or group
in your organization.
Answer: B,D

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NO.5 Which two statements are accurate about how ADF Business Components can be used in a task
flow for a human task? (Choose two.)
A. They can create and insert a new row in a database table.
B. They can invoke wildcard control flow rules in the task flow.
C. They can initialize the information displayed on a form when given an ID from the process payload.
D. They can declaratively map database information back into the process payload.
E. They can invoke task flow call activities.
Answer: B,E

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NO.6 To assign a global unique identifier (GUID) to a variable, you use a(n) _______.
A. simple expression
B. XPath expression
C. XSLT transformation
D. call to a JavaScriot function
Answer: B

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NO.7 Which objective can be accomplished by using business rules in workflow routing?
A. Create a new routing rule and invoke it immediately.
B. Create new participants and make them available as targets for routing.
C. Send a routing sleep back to the previous participant for a workflow stage that is associated with a
group vote (parallel) scenario.
D. Make a routing decision before the task is assigned to the next routing slip participant.
Answer: D

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