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ACSMの040-444の初心者なので、悩んでいますか? JapanCertは君の困難を解決できます。JapanCertの学習教材はいろいろな狙いを含まれていますし、カバー率が高いですから、初心者にしても簡単に身に付けられます。それを利用したら、君はACSMの040-444試験に合格する鍵を持つことができますし、今までも持っていない自信を持つこともできます。まだ何を待っているのでしょうか?



040-444試験番号:040-444 資格取得講座
試験科目:「ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist」

>> 040-444 資格取得講座

020-222試験番号:020-222 再テスト
試験科目:「ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor Exam」

>> 020-222 再テスト

010-111試験番号:010-111 英語版
試験科目:「ACSM Certified Personal Trainer」

>> 010-111 英語版

030-333試験番号:030-333 復習問題集
試験科目:「ACSM Exercise Specialist Exam」

>> 030-333 復習問題集



NO.1 .Which of the following is the ability of a force to cause rotation of a lever?
A. Center of gravity.
B. Base of support.
C. Torque.
D. Stability.
Answer: C

ACSMスクール 010-111 010-111トレーニング資料 010-111知識 010-111学習資料

NO.2 .Blood from the peripheral anatomy flows to the heart through the superior and inferior venae
cavae into the
A. Right atrium.
B. Left atrium.
C. Right ventricle.
D. Left ventricle.
Answer: A

ACSM日本語講座 010-111 010-111参考書勉強 010-111試験対策

NO.3 .An abnormal curve of the spine with lateral deviation of the vertebral column is called
A. Lordosis.
B. Scoliosis.
C. Kyphosis.
D. Primary curve.
Answer: B

ACSM 010-111書籍 010-111真実試験

NO.4 .A standard site for the measurement of circumfer- ences is the
A. Abdomen.
B. Neck.
C. Wrist.
D. Ankle.
Answer: A

ACSM模擬練習 010-111関連資料 010-111一発合格

NO.5 .Blood leaving the heart to be oxygenated in the lungs must first pass through the right atrium and
ventricle. Through which valve does blood flow when moving from the right atrium to the right
A. Bicuspid valve.
B. Tricuspid valve.
C. Pulmonic valve.
D. Aortic valve.
Answer: B

ACSM特典 010-111内容 010-111ふりーく 010-111トレーニング 010-111再テスト

NO.6 .The arm is capable of performing all of the following motions EXCEPT
A. Flexion.
B. Abduction.
C. Inversion.
D. Supination.
Answer: C

ACSM短期 010-111 010-111科目対策

NO.7 .A client in your exercise class has been complaining of back pain with no ridiculer symptoms. This
person has been treated medically and is now joining the exercise program to improve flexibility in
the low back. Which exercise would be most appropriate for this person to address the stated
A. Hip flexor stretch.
B. Knee-to-chest stretch.
C. Gastrocnemius stretch.
D. Lateral trunk stretch.
Answer: B

ACSM 010-111 010-111実際試験 010-111

NO.8 The C-shaped cartilages of the trachea allow all of the following to occur EXCEPT
A. Ciliated movement of mucus-secreting cells.
B. Distention of the esophagus.
C. Maintenance of open airway.
D. Prevention of tracheal collapse during pres- sure changes.
Answer: A

ACSM無料更新 010-111試験教材 010-111試験問題集 010-111日本語 010-111学習指導

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