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ADR-001試験番号:ADR-001 資格認定
試験科目:「CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Certification Exam (Android Edition)」

>> ADR-001 資格認定

NO.1 Which of the following techniques are useful in a secure software development process?
(Select TWO).
A. Cross platform compatibility testing with HTML5
B. Using hardware encryption to protect all data on the device
C. Static code analysis
D. Abuse/misuse case analysis
E. Implementation of two-factor authentication
Answer: C,D

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NO.2 Which of the following will LEAST likely be detected through source code analysis?
A. Improper certificate validation
B. Buffer overflow vulnerability
C. Improper build process
D. Hardcoded credentials
Answer: C

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NO.3 Which of the following accurately explains why many people criticize the use of a unique
hardware ID such as IMEI/MEID to identify users? (Select TWO).
A. The hardware ID can be traced to an individual user and help track activity over time and across
B. The hardware ID unlocks encryption on the device
C. Companies encode email addresses directly into the hardware ID
D. Hardware ID values are easily predictable
E. Users cannot selectively block apps' access to it
Answer: A,E

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NO.4 Which of the following is the MOST reliable form of input validation?
A. Positive validation of input data using regular expression processing
B. Base64 encoding of input data
C. Validating the bounds of input data using a character set
D. HTML or URI encoding of input data and ensuring Unicode support
Answer: A

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NO.5 When handling sensitive data with Android apps, which of the following storage strategies is
MOST secure?
A. Store data on device using encryption, with encryption key managed on the server
B. Prompt users to enable encryption
C. Store sensitive data locally in XML protected with file permissions
D. Store sensitive data on the server
Answer: D

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NO.6 Which of the following can be performed to find security design flaws in mobile apps prior to
writing code?
A. Threat modeling
B. Penetration testing
C. Static source code analysis
D. Dynamic validation testing
Answer: A

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NO.7 Which of the following is a reason to take mobile app security seriously when developing a
social networking app that does NOT accept payments? (Select TWO).
A. PCI-DSS regulations
B. Consumer privacy expectations and regulations
C. HIPAA regulations
D. FIPS compliance
E. Company reputation
Answer: B,E

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NO.8 Which of the following attempts to inhibit an application from being trojanized and
A. Tamper protection in code.
B. Encrypting config file.
C. Ensure appropriate permissions are deployed to every component.
D. Login credentials delivered over network with HTTPS.
Answer: A

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JapanCertは最新のSY0-401問題集と高品質の4A0-100問題と回答を提供します。JapanCertのC_TSCM62_64 VCEテストエンジンと1z1-807試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質のC2010-650 PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。


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