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PR000007試験番号:PR000007 受験方法
試験科目:「PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x Administrator Specialist」

>> PR000007 受験方法

PR000005試験番号:PR000005 受験記対策
試験科目:「Data Quality 9.x Developer Specialist」

>> PR000005 受験記対策



NO.1 Select the correct statement below regarding nodes
A. Each node must have a hostname set as a property of the node.
B. A minimum of two nodes are required for a running domain, one gateway node and one worker
C. Each node is running a service manager for each service on the node.
D. When a gateway node fails, the domain will shut down.
Answer: C

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NO.2 Which kinds of objects are stored in a PowerCenter Repository?
A. Mapping objects, sources and targets, workflow objects, operating system semaphores.
B. Mapping objects, sources and targets, workflow objects, workflow run information.
C. Source data, sources and targets, workflow objects, workflow run information.
D. Mapping objects, target data, workflow objects, workflow tasks.
Answer: B

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NO.3 To run a pmcmd command line command and then confirm the command has run successfully,
which method would be used?
A. Read the return code visually or in a shell script or batch file.
B. Check the status of the command in the Workflow Monitor.
C. Run the command from the informatica Administrator and check the status after the command
has completed.
D. Create and configure an Email alert within the workflow Monitor.
Answer: B

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NO.4 When creating a new repository service, a database username (schema) must be specified to
hold the metadata tables
Can the new repository service use a database schema that contains existing repository tables and
objects? Assume you need to preserve the existing objects.
A. No. For a new repository service, the database schema must be empty.
B. No. When the new service is created, existing tables will be automatically dropped.
C. Yes. The tables and objects will be preserved by default.
D. Yes. The user must select the creation option, "Do not create new content.
Answer: C

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NO.5 The Informatica Administrator can be used to do all of these actions except for which one?
A. To create a domain.
B. To shut down a domain.
C. To create a service.
D. To apply a different license key to a service.
Answer: D

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NO.6 Which PowerCenter service actually runs workflows?
A. Repository service.
B. Integration service.
C. DTM service.
D. Both an Integration service and a Data Integration service.
Answer: B

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NO.7 Which statement best describes the relationship between system roles and custom roles?
A. System roles cannot be edited and custom roles can be edited.
B. A custom role is created by editing a system role.
C. A custom role is created by copying a system role, renaming it and editing at least one of the
D. Any number of custom roles can be created within each system role.
Answer: A

Informatica PR000007対象者 PR000007書籍 PR000007バージョン
Reference:https://community.informatica.com/mpresources/docs/Userguide_2787.pdf(page 42)

NO.8 What may be gained when registering more than one Integration Service to a single Repository
A. Performance
B. Reliability
C. Redundancy to facilitate automatic failover
D. Ability to partition the sessions, assuming the partition license option has been purchased
Answer: A

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