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3309試験番号:3309 受験方法
試験科目:「Avaya Aura® Experience Portal with POM Implementation and Maintenance Exam」

>> 3309 受験方法

NO.1 Which level of permission should the directory have, if the Installation DVD files of Avaya
Aura Experience Portal are accessed from a shared network directory or local directory?
A. readable by all users
B. readable by root or sroot
C. readable by avayavp
D. readable by all Avaya service accounts
Answer: A

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NO.2 Which statement about Auxiliary Experience Portal Manager (EPM) is true?
A. Only one Auxiliary EPM server can be added per Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) 6.0 system.
B. More than one Auxiliary EPM server can be added per AAEP 6.0 system.
C. Auxiliary I PM ran be installed on a single server AAEP system.
D. Auxiliary EPM can be Installed co-resident with MPP server.
Answer: B

Avayaトレーニング資料 3309日記 3309トレーニング費用

NO.3 You client reported the multi-server Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) local PostgreSQL
database has become corrupted and you have determined you must restore the database from a
backup of the system.
After restoring the database from the backup, which three actions must be performed? (Choose
A. Restart the vpms service on the Experience Portal Manager (EPM).
B. Reconnect each Media Processing Platform (MPP) with the EPM.
C. Restart the MPP service from the EPM.
D. Restart the avpSNMPAgentSvc on the EPM.
E. Install a new license file on the EPM.
Answer: A,B,D

Avaya日本語サンプル 3309評判 3309フリーク 3309科目対策

NO.4 When setting up a single server Avaya [email protected] Experience Portal (AAEP), the system must
communicate with a speech server to process ASR and TTS transactions.
Where do you define the Network Address (MRCP) that the speech server uses to communicate with
the AAEP system?
A. From the EPM Servers page, enter the IP address of the speech server in the Network Address
(MRCP) field.
B. Add the MPP and then from the MPP Servers page, enter the speech server IP address in the
Network Address (AppSvr) field.
C. From the EPM Servers page, use the default entry in the Network Address (AppSvr) field.
D. Add the MPP and from the MPP Servers page, enter the IP address for the speech server in the
Network Address (MRCP) field.
Answer: B

Avaya 3309試験時間 3309信頼度

NO.5 When a call center is administered for Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR), what is the purpose
of the Primary ACD Identifier field?
A. The field sets the priority for routing to an ACD.
B. The field is used to differentiate ACD data feeds when ICR receives multiple data feeds from CMS
for different ACDs.
C. The field is used to identify the link between the Session Manager and the Communication
D. The field is available for future use and is not currently used.
Answer: A

Avaya変更 3309オフィシャル 3309合格

NO.6 Which two components of the Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) 3.0 solution support load
balancing, even in a multi-server installation? (Choose two.)
A. Campaign Director
B. POM Database Server
C. SMS Server
D. Voice Server
Answer: A,C

Avayaソフトウエア 3309認定試験 3309試験過去問

NO.7 What are three possible exit reasons in an ICR CCA Session Detail report? (Choose three.)
A. Call Completed
B. Call Failed
C. Call Completed in SSA
D. Call Routed
E. Call Transferred
Answer: C,D,E

Avaya返金 3309受験期 3309赤本 3309試験教材

NO.8 You have received alarm event "QSYSM00056 MPP disk use (85% percent) has exceeded the
configured low threshold of 80 percent" on your co-resident Avaya Aura Experience Portal server.
You login to the server and run the below Red Hat administrative command to review disk space
[[email protected]/] # -b - - max - depth = 1 - h/ 20K /mnt 12M /tmp 10.8G/home 5.9M /bin 24K /r
oot 91.3G /opt 85G /var 16G /
Which three folders are most likely to contain files which can be deleted to make room on the server
disk? (Choose three)
A. /var/llb/pgsql/data
B. /home
C. /var/spool/mail
D. /opt/Avaya/InstallAgent/download
E. /opt.Tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.32/webapps
Answer: A,B,D

Avaya試験解答 3309日記 3309日本語版 3309一発合格

JapanCertは最新の70-321問題集と高品質のQIA問題と回答を提供します。JapanCertの200-550 VCEテストエンジンとNS0-157試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質のP2090-045 PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。


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