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JapanCertは我々が研究したトレーニング資料を無料に更新します。それはあなたがいつでも最新の117-102試験トレーニング資料をもらえるということです。117-102認定試験の目標が変更されば、JapanCertが提供した勉強資料も変化に追従して内容を変えます。JapanCert は各受験生のニーズを知っていて、あなたが117-102認定試験に受かることに有効なヘルプを差し上げます。あなたが首尾よく試験に合格するように、我々は最も有利な価格と最高のクオリティーを提供して差し上げます。

117-102試験番号:117-102 科目対策
試験科目:「General Linux, Part 2」

>> 117-102 科目対策

101-350試験番号:101-350 合格体験談
試験科目:「LPI Level 1 Exam 101, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 1 of 2」

>> 101-350 合格体験談




NO.1 Which directory in a user's home contains configuration files and key rings for GPG?
A. ~/gpg.d/
B. ~/.gpg/
C. ~/.gnupg/
D. ~/gnupg/
E. ~/.gpg.d/
Answer: C

Lpiサンプル問題集 117-102スキル 117-102資格練習

You are logged in as root. What command do you run to find out what groups user bruno belongs to?

NO.3 What command will compile the Linux kernel and leave a file in arch/i386/boot called
A. make bzImage
B. make compile
C. make Image
D. make bzdisk
Answer: A

Lpi好評 117-102学校 117-102 117-102勉強法
After depending and cleaning, you may now `make bzImage' or `make bzdisk' (this is the part that
takes a long time.). `make bzImage' will compile the kernel, and leave a file in arch/i386/boot called
`bzImage' (among other things). This is the new compressed kernel. `make bzdisk' does the same
thing, but also places the new bzImage on a floppy disk which you hopefully put in drive ``A:''. `bzdisk'
is fairly handy for testing new kernels; if it bombs (or just doesn't work right), just remove the floppy
and boot with your old kernel. It can also be a handy way to boot if you accidentally remove your
kernel (or something equally as dreadful).

NO.4 The legacy program, provided by CUPS for sending files to the printer queues on the command
line is:
A. lpd
B. lpp
C. lpq
D. lpr
Answer: D

Lpi 117-102受験記対策 117-102監査ツール 117-102初心者

An administrator has added the following line to /etc/inittab in order to disable the ability to reboot a
Debian system by pressing the Control + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously:
ca:12345:_________:/bin/echo "Rebooting disabled"
Answer: ctrlaltdel

Lpiソフトウエア 117-102 vce 117-102出題範囲 117-102

NO.6 What can you do to recover a lost passphrase for a DSA or RSA authentication key?
A. Run the ssh-keygen command.
B. Run the ssh -recover command.
C. A lost passphrase cannot be recovered.
D. Decrypt the authentication key with gpg.
E. Decrypt the authentication key with ssh -decrypt.
Answer: C

Lpi認定 117-102変更 117-102割引 117-102攻略

NO.7 Some loadable kernel modules accept options at load time. This can be used to set interrupt o
IO addresses, for example. The place to set these options is?
A. /etc/conf.modules
B. /etc/lilo.conf
C. /boot/System.map
D. /etc/sysconfig
E. /boot/module-info
Answer: E

Lpi日本語版 117-102試験情報 117-102試験解答

NO.8 What is a well-known service that binds port 25 and is it required on all hosts?
A. SNMP and it should be turned off if not needed.
B. SMTP and it is a required service.
C. SMTP and it is only required on MX hosts.
D. SLPD and it is required if you run LDAP services.
E. SSHD and it is required for secure logins.
Answer: C

Lpi 117-102テスト 117-102ふりーく 117-102試験対策

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