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6104試験番号:6104 資格取得
試験科目:「Avaya Wireless LAN Implementation Exam」

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7304試験番号:7304 認定テキスト
試験科目:「Avaya CallPilot Maintenance Exam」

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NO.1 The system ready indicator is a visual indication of the status of the Avaya CallPilot system and
shows at a glance what is happening with the system.
Which statement about the system ready indicator icon is true?
A. When the Avaya CallPilot server is in normal operation, the icon is white with an exclamation
B. When calls are not being processed, an X appears on the icon.
C. When status information about the Avaya CallPilot server is currently unavailable the icon flashes a
green checkmark.
D. When calls are being processed but some services are not wording, the icon flashes a red question
Answer: A,B

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NO.2 Which statement about configuring Remote Notification is true?
A. The schedule is defined in the mailbox class.
B. It can be configured for up to three target Directory Numbers (DNs).
C. It allows only a specific number of retries before notification is turned off.
D. The user's notification number cannot be set up using telephone keypad commands.
Answer: C

Avaya認定試験 7304 7304 7304取得

NO.3 You are using Application Builder to create an application for your customer.
Which block provides the primary way to play a voice recording within an application?
A. Start block
B. Rotary dial block
C. Announcement block
D. Language Select block
Answer: C

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NO.4 Remote maintenance capabilities require a security setup.
To use the Voice Item Maintenance (VIM) Fax Item Maintenance (FIM) service on an application, a
security parameter must be defined.
What is the security parameter called?
A. FIM password
B. VIM password
C. Access password
D. Telset maintenance password
Answer: D

Avaya試験スクール 7304 7304難易度

NO.5 A customer calls and reports to the attendant that after a Voice From is completed for placing
an order the following prompt is played: Your response cannot be saved due to voice form
maintenance. Please try again.
Why did Avaya CallPllot play this prompt?
A. The caller failed to confirm his answers when prompted.
B. The product is on back order, and no more new orders are being taken.
C. The administrator disabled the Voice Form while the caller was responding to the prompts.
D. The caller did not answer questions within a specified time, and invalid Answer Handling was to
Answer: C

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