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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics

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  • Published: December 15, 2014
  • Languages: English
  • Audiences: IT professionals
  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Credit toward certification: Specialist

Manage the supply chain foundation (35–40%)

Manage distribution and trade (30–35%)

Implement and configure Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 bills of materials module (30–35%)


Who should take this exam?

Individuals wishing to obtain a certification on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics should take this exam. This audience typically includes product designers, store managers, sales and purchase managers, salespeople, purchasers, and other people responsible for bill of materials (BOM) setup and administration, trade and logistics, inventory and warehouse management, and product information management.

NO.1 You need to review the details of the cost and sales price for the following objects:
- A bill of materials (BOM)
- The BOM components
Which report should you use?
A. Where-used
B. Older lines
C. On-hand inventory
D. Calculation
Answer: D

Microsoft MB6-703受験生 MB6-703ファンデーション MB6-703
BOM calculation results (form) [AX 2012]
Use this form to view the results of an item's order-specific bill of material (BOM)
calculations and as a starting point to perform additional order-specific BOM calculations.
An order-specific BOM calculation can be performed for a line item on a sales order, sales
quotation or service order. Each order-specific BOM calculation creates a calculation
record that is uniquely identified by a calculation number. A calculation record displays
summarized information about the calculated cost, sales price, and net weight.
Button: Print
Print the Calculation report for a selected calculation record.

NO.2 You have an item that uses a storage dimension group. Primary stocking is disabled for the
group. Item reservations for sales orders are automatic.
You create a new sales order for the item.
You need to select a specific batch number for the item.
What should you do?
A. Disable automatic reservation on the sales order, and then change the batch number in the
Reservation form
B. Disable automatic reservation on the sales order, and then lock the batch number in the
Reservation form.
C. Use the Reservation form to select the batch number, and then place the order on hold.
D. Use the Reservation form to select the batch number, and then lock the reservation.
Answer: D

試験番号 Microsoft MB6-703前提条件 MB6-703アクセスリスト
Example A customer calls with a request concerning a load of bricks that they have ordered from
your company. The customer wants to make sure that the bricks are reserved from the same batch as
the previous load that they received. When checking, you observe that the bricks are reserved
automatically with no batch number specified on the sales order line so you need to make sure that
the reserved quantity has the correct batch number and that
the reservation is locked with this batch number.
- Select the sales order of the ordered brick load in the Sales order form and open the Reservation
- Apply one of the following methods depending on whether the bricks have been automatically
reserved with the correct batch number or not. If the batch number is correct, you just need to lock
the batch number reservation to ensure that the batch number is not changed by an automated
process. To lock the batch number, do the following:
- To change the batch number dimension of the reservation, do the following:

NO.3 Which three types of transactions can you configure on the Default order settings form? Each
correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Quality order
B. Purchase order
C. Sales order
D. Inventory
E. Quarantine order
Answer: B,C,D

Microsoft試合 MB6-703模擬練習 MB6-703プログラム MB6-703プログラム
One of the more flexible and powerful features in AX 2012 is the Default Order Settings form that can
be accessed from the Item Master. This form lets you set sites, warehouses, lead times, order
quantities and much more for purchasing transactions, inventory transfer transactions and selling

NO.4 You create a counting journal. The counted quantity on some lines of the journal is higher or
lower than the on-hand quantity.
You need to identify which field will be updated in the inventory transaction when you post the
counting journal.
Which field should you identify?
A. Quantity
B. Counted
C. On-hand
D. Line amount
Answer: C

Microsoft合格点 MB6-703 PDF MB6-703
Field On-Hand:The on-hand inventory levels of the item for the inventory dimension on the counting

NO.5 You have a bill of materials (BOM) item.
Ten percent of one of the BOM components is wasted during the manufacturing process.
You need to ensure that the cost calculation for the BOM item is accurate.
What should you do?
A. Set the Variable scrap field on the component BOM line to 10.
B. Set the Constant scrap field on the component BOM line to 10.
C. Set the Consumption is field on the component BOM line to variable.
D. Set the Consumption is field on the component BOM line to constant.
Answer: B

Microsoft目的 MB6-703短期 MB6-703技術試験 MB6-703 MB6-703信頼度
Specify constant scrap when you know, or have calculated, that a quantity of bill of materials (BOM)
items will be lost or rejected during production. For example, you can apply constant scrap to the
setup of a machine if you know that material will be always be wasted before a usable product is

NO.6 You need to create a purchase agreement between your company and a supplier. The
agreement will give you a 10 percent discount automatically on an item, after you purchase $10,000
US dollars' worth of that Item during a 12 month period.
Which Default commitment type should you use?
A. Product quantity commitment
B. Value commitment
C. Product value commitment
D. Product category value commitment
Answer: C

Microsoft資格問題集 MB6-703変更 MB6-703勉強の資料 MB6-703資格取得 MB6-703トレーニング資料 MB6-703攻略
There are four types of commitments:
Product quantity commitment - You purchase a specific quantity of a product.
Product value commitment - You purchase a specific currency amount of a product.
Product category value commitment - You purchase a specific currency amount in a
procurement category. The amount can be for a catalog item or a non-catalog item.
Value commitment - You purchase a specific currency amount of any product or in any
procurement category.

NO.7 A user wants to use a custom filter onthe Arrival overview form.
You need to explain how to save the filter options to the user's computer.
What should you tell the user?
A. Use the Personalization form to change the layout, and then load the Personalization settings in
the Arrival overview form.
B. Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Arrival overview form and save the current settings.
C. Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Inventory and warehouse management parameters
form and save the current settings.
D. Create a shipment template, and then apply the template in the Arrival overview form.
Answer: B

Microsoft過去問 MB6-703トレーニング MB6-703講座 MB6-703 MB6-703取得
Arrival overview (form) [AX 2012]
* The overvieb tabConsists of five main sections:
/ Filter options for the information that is displayed in the form.
/ The Setup tab:Setup option for the information that is to be displayed on the Overview tab.

NO.8 A sale was made, and on one of the lines of the sales order, another sales group must be given
credit for the sale and any commission that is generated for that line.
You need to generate the commission on the relevant sales line to the other sales group. What
should you use?
A. The sales journal
B. Theline details section of the sales order
C. The Commission calculation form
D. The Commission posting form
Answer: C

試験番号 Microsoft MB6-703評判 MB6-703前提条件 MB6-703認定試験
Commission calculation
Click Navigation Pane node: Accounts receivable -> Setup -> Commission -> Commission
Go to the Setup tab, specify the following options:


MB6-704試験番号:MB6-704 模擬練習
試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction」

>> MB6-704 模擬練習

MB6-703試験番号:MB6-703 過去問
試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics」

>> MB6-703 過去問

生活で他の人が何かやったくれることをいつも要求しないで、私が他の人に何かやってあげられることをよく考えるべきです。職場でも同じです。ボスに偉大な価値を創造してあげたら、ボスは無論あなたをヘアします。これに反して、あなたがずっと普通な職員だったら、遅かれ早かれ解雇されます。ですから、IT認定試験に受かって、自分の能力を高めるべきです。 JapanCertのMicrosoftのMB6-703試験問題集はあなたが成功へのショートカットを与えます。IT 職員はほとんど行動しましたから、あなたはまだ何を待っているのですか。ためらわずにJapanCertのMicrosoftのMB6-703試験トレーニング資料を購入しましょう。



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