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Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies

Exam Number 640-916 DCICT
Associated Certifications CCNA Data Center Certification
Duration 90 minutes (65-75 questions)
Available Languages English
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The 640-916 DCICT Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies is one of the exams associated with the CCNA Datacenter Certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of fundamental Data center technologies like network and server Virtualization, Storage, Convergent I/O and network services like load balancing.

Review the exam topics

NO.1 Refer to the exhibit.
NP uplink ports connected to the core NPIV switch do not come online and are stuck in an initializing
state. What is the cause that NP Uplink ports on NPV edge switch are stuck in initializing state?
A. The upstream NP Ports and the downstream server F Ports on the NPV edge switch may not be in
the same VSA.
B. The core switch has not been enabled for NPIV.
C. The upstream VSAN ports and the server ports are in full duplex mode.
D. Related VSAN identifier is not allowed on Virtual Port Channels toward the edge switch.
Answer: B

Cisco模擬モード 640-916模試 640-916資格取得講座 640-916模試

NO.2 Refer to the exhibit.
A network engineer is migrating the existing switching infrastructure to a proposed model. Which
technology is enabled on the Cisco Nexus switches to support this
migration to its future status?
Answer: C

Cisco関連資料 640-916初心者 640-916 640-916

NO.3 Which two installation models are supported by Cisco virtual interfaces? (Choose two.)
A. pass-through switching
B. hypervisor controlled
C. native switching
D. channeled uplink
E. store-and-forward switching
Answer: A,B

Cisco PDF 640-916ガイド 640-916試験時間 640-916キャッシュ

NO.4 A customer VMware environment contains five hosts running ESXi 5.5. In addition, the
environment contains a single vCenter host using standard networking. The customer wants to
deploy a Cisco Nexus 1000v solution using Layer 3 mode into the environment. Which three steps
must the customer take to achieve this goal? (Choose three.)
A. Deploy two VSM modules.
B. Create a vmkernel interfaces on each host.
C. Create port profiles on the VSM.
D. Register the vCenter plugin on the 1000v.
E. Deploy five VSM modules.
F. Create port profiles on each host.
G. Create a vmkernel interface on each VSM module.
H. Register the VEM modules with vCenter.
Answer: A,B,C

Cisco合格体験談 640-916 640-916解答例

NO.5 How many bits of the IEEE 802.1p CoS field are used to map traffic classes that enable lossless
fabric in FCoE?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 6
F. 8
Answer: C

Cisco割引 640-916監査ツール 640-916クラム 640-916模試 640-916学習教材 640-916合格率

NO.6 On which layer of the tiered data center architecture do service modules such as FWSM, ACE,
and WAAS typically appear?
A. access
B. services
C. aggregation
D. transport
E. network
F. core
Answer: C

Ciscoソートキー 640-916認定 640-916リンクグローバル 640-916専門知識 640-916

NO.7 What are two purposes of VIFs in Data Center Unified Fabric? (Choose two.)
A. VIF can be used to virtually present NICs to the operating system
B. VIF is created when interconnecting Catalyst switches to Nexus switches
C. FEX modules can be connected to Nexus parent switches through VIF
D. VIF can be used to directly attach virtual machines with a Unified Computing System
E. VIF creates multiple switch instances inside a VDC
Answer: A,D

Cisco全真問題集 640-916 640-916受験期 640-916科目対策

NO.8 Which is the correct command to install a feature license on Cisco MDS 9100 Series Fibre
Channel Switches?
A. MDS-A# install license bootflash:license_file.lic
B. MDS-A# copy license bootflash:license_file.lic running-config
C. MDS-A# install feature bootflash:license_file.lic
D. MDS-A# copy feature bootflash:license_file.lic running-config
E. MDS-A# update license pool bootflash:license_file.lic
Answer: A

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