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C_TADM51_731試験番号:C_TADM51_731 全真問題集
試験科目:「SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration (Oracle DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.31」

>> C_TADM51_731 全真問題集

認定資格「SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration (Oracle DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.31」は自社およびカスタマにおけるキービジネスプロセスの管理・運営を補助する上で、十分な知識を有する技術者としてその能力を評価するものですこの認定により、資格保有者が。SAPシステムの管理技術一般を理解し、プロジェクトでテクノロジコンサルタントとしての知識を有効に活用できることを証明します。
C-TFIN52-66試験番号:C-TFIN52-66 日本語サンプル
試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6」

>> C-TFIN52-66 日本語サンプル



NO.1 To which of the following does an asset class apply?
A. To all company codes in a controlling area
B. To all company codes in an instance (client-independent)
C. To all company codes in a client
D. To all company codes within a client, which share the same chart of accounts
Answer: C

SAP C-TFIN52-66改訂 C-TFIN52-66過去問 C-TFIN52-66的中率

NO.2 For reports in Asset Accounting, which object do you have to use and, where necessary,
customize to determine the sort level and/or the summation level?
A. Depreciation area
B. Sort key
C. Sort variant
D. Valuation area
Answer: C

SAP種類 C-TFIN52-66英語版 C-TFIN52-66

NO.3 What are the prerequisites for setting up cross-company-code cost accounting? (Choose two)
A. The same fiscal year variant is used for all company codes.
B. The same currency is used for all company codes.
C. The same variant for open periods is used for all company codes.
D. The same chart of accounts is used for all company codes.
Answer: A,D

SAP訓練 C-TFIN52-66認定試験 C-TFIN52-66合格率 C-TFIN52-66費用 C-TFIN52-66認証 C-TFIN52-66入門

NO.4 You post a G/L document. For the Text field, the field status of the posting key is set to
Entry and the field status of the G/L account is set to Hidden Entry?
What happens during posting?
A. The document is posted.
B. A warning message is shown.
C. An error message is shown.
D. The Text field is hidden.
Answer: C

SAP学習 C-TFIN52-66復習資料 C-TFIN52-66赤本 C-TFIN52-66試験解答

NO.5 Which line item field is filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record (G/L
customer, or vendor)?
A. Item text
B. Assignment
C. Amount in document currency
D. Number of the invoice to which the transaction belongs
Answer: B

SAP前提条件 C-TFIN52-66信頼度 C-TFIN52-66オフィシャル C-TFIN52-66試験対策 C-TFIN52-66返金 C-TFIN52-66 PDF

NO.6 In your leading ledger (ledger solution), balance sheets must be created for company codes
Which Customizing settings do you need to make? (Choose two)
A. Define a retained earnings account.
B. Define two retained earnings accounts and assign them to your P&L accounts.
C. Assign the Segment Reporting scenario to your leading ledger.
D. Activate cost of sales accounting.
Answer: A,C

SAP組織 C-TFIN52-66成果物 C-TFIN52-66

NO.7 Which of the following accounts are updated directly?
A. Accounts in the group chart of accounts
B. Accounts in the operating chart of accounts
C. Accounts in the master chart of accounts
D. Accounts in the country chart of accounts
Answer: B

SAP vce C-TFIN52-66クエリ C-TFIN52-66独学 C-TFIN52-66試験対策 C-TFIN52-66正確率

NO.8 Which of the following task types are supported by the Closing Cockpit or Schedule Manager?
(Choose three)
A. Spreadsheets
B. Transactions
C. Reconciliation keys
D. Notes (as a reminder or milestone)
E. Programs with or without variant
Answer: B,D,E

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