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NO.1 A customer uses assessment cycles in cost center accounting. How can the customer see the
results on the profit centers in New GL?
A. By activating plan integration for profit centers.
B. By activating the real-time reconciliation between CO and FI.
C. By activating document split for cost centers in New GL.
D. By defining and execute the equivalent cycles in the New GL.
Answer: B

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NO.2 Your customer wants to see a P&L statement for profit centers by the cost-of-salesaccounting
approach. Which of the following is the minimum requirement?
A. Activate profitability analysis.
B. Create a derivation rule for the functional area.
C. Activate the scenario functional area in New GL.
D. Enter the functional area in the profit center master.
Answer: C

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NO.3 What is the SAP Solution Manager?
A. It is an own related database system that can be used as an alternative to databases from other
B. It supports throughout the entire life-cycle, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration to
production processing.
C. It is an application that is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management application.
D. It is a robust and lean standard-based platform that enables you to develop Java and composite
applications from scratch and on top of existing services.
Answer: B

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NO.4 A company in a high-inflation country wants to valuate their finished products with actual costs
reflecting all the latest price variances. Which method do you recommend?
A. Use actual price determination in the material ledger
B. Use lowest-value determination of raw materials.
C. Activate FIFO valuation in the special ledger
D. Valuate all materials with LIFO valuation.
Answer: A

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NO.5 Which SAP Solution Manger Service Desk interfaces are available?(Choose three)
A. SAP Solution Manager Trace Analysis
B. SAP global support backbone
C. Managed SAP systems
D. SAP NetWeaver Administration (NWA)
E. Third-party service desk tool
Answer: B,C,E

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NO.6 A customer needs an error message to be displayed when the internal order budget has been
exceeded by 15%. How can the customer achieve this?(Choose two)
A. By entering the budget profile in the order type.
B. By customizing the tolerance limits for the budget profile.
C. By activating availability control in the controlling area.
D. By entering the budget profile in the order master data.
Answer: A,B

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NO.7 What is the advantage of using a key figure scheme in drilldown reports in profitability analysis?
A. The key figure scheme allows the calculating of lines with subtotals in a drill down report.
B. A key figure scheme allows for simultaneous access to different databases.
C. The key figure scheme allows quick access to predefined key figures in the database.
D. A key figure scheme improves the runtime of the drilldown report.
Answer: A

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NO.8 A company wants to use Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to obtain an early analysis of their
anticipated profits.
Which functionality provides the best results?
A. Transfer the plan balance data from Fl to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for
B. Analyze sales quotation as a detail value.
C. Transfer the plan data from the "Sales and operation planning" to costing-based CO-PA and use
record type "P" for analysis.
D. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to costing-based CO-PA and use record type "A" for
E. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for
Answer: D

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