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君はまずネットで無料なVMwareのVCAN610試験問題をダウンロードしてから 弊社の品質を確信してから、購入してください。JapanCertは提供した商品は君の成功を全力で助けさしたげます。



VCAN610試験番号:VCAN610 学習指導
試験科目:「VMware Certified Associate - Network Virtualization」

>>VCAN610 学習指導


君はまずネットで無料なVMwareのVCAN610試験問題をダウンロードしてから 弊社の品質を確信してから、購入してください。JapanCertは提供した商品は君の成功を全力で助けさしたげます。

NO.1 If unicast mode is configured for the overlay transport in an NSX deployment, which two
statements correctly define the network support that is required? (Choose two.)
A. Configure NSX High Availability
B. Layer 2 switching support in the access and distribution layers
C. Layer 3 switching support in the access and distribution layers
D. Configure Jumbo Frame support
Answer: C,D

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NO.2 An organization has a vSphere environment configured with two adapters on each ESXi host.
The physical network is configured to use Etherchannel.
Based on the available options, what is the best option for load balancing traffic on the ESXi hosts?
A. Configure a vSS using the Route based on originating virtual port load balancing setting.
B. Configure a vDS using the Route based on physical NIC load load balancing setting.
C. Configure a vDS using the Route based on source MAC hash load balancing setting.
D. Configure a vSS using the Route based on IP hash.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which two configurations are valid on a vSphere Standard Switch using the vSphere Web
Client? (Choose two.)
A. Enable the use of SR-IOV for a physical adapter.
B. Set the MTU frame size on the vSwitch.
C. Configure Route Based on Physical NIC Load on a nic team.
D. Configure Port Mirroring on a portgroup.
Answer: A,B

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NO.4 An administrator has deployed NSX within the vSphere environment, but is unable to deploy an
NSX Controller. What step must be taken to resolve the issue?
A. Register the third-party security service device or virtual appliance with NSX Manager
B. Deploy a distributed router and enable the High Availability option.
C. On the NSX Manager, select Enable multicast addressing and complete the configuration.
D. Define a data security group for all deployed virtual machine groups.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which statement is true regarding multicast traffic when implementing NSX?
A. A multicast address range is required when using vCenter Server 5.5
B. A multicast address range is required when using ESXi 5.1 hosts
C. A multicast address range is required when using ESXi 5.0 hosts
D. A multicast address range is required when using vCenter Server 5.1
Answer: B

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NO.6 An administrator consults with the network team and decides that Transport Zones will be
configured with Hybrid Replication Mode for a new NSX for vSphere deployment.
Which statement is true?
A. The Ethernet segments where the VTEPs are connected have some level of multicast support.
B. The physical network is configured to support multicast.
C. The ESXi hosts in the Transport Zone are running on different server hardware.
D. A multicast range has been configured in the NSX Manager as part of the Logical Network
Answer: A

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NO.7 Where is the net-vdr command used?
A. ESXi host
B. NSX Controller
C. NSX Edge
D. vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)
Answer: A

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NO.8 What is the frequency of the heartbeat between the active and standby NSX Edge instances
when configured for HA?
A. Every 1 second.
B. Every 2 seconds.
C. Every 5 seconds.
D. Every 15 seconds.
Answer: A

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